Kay Compton

Prior to founding Compton Design Office with Craig, Kay spent the majority of her architectural career with NBBJ.  Her design leadership experience spans more than 20 years in multiple markets and regions around the globe.  As design partner at NBBJ, Kay led the designs for some of the firms most important commercial, corporate and civic work.  In addition to her visionary and strategic leadership on projects, she was also in charge of the firm’s commercial and mixed-use practices globally.  Kay has guided her clients and design teams to realize millions of successful square feet.  Her unique ability to visualize large scale problems as a series of solvable, realistic problems along with an eye for gathering talented teams to solve them, has established her reputation in the industry as a creative large scale problem solver.

Craig Compton

Craig chose not to pursue the typical architecture path despite his obtaining two degrees alongside Kay.  Having an insatiable passion for making things with his own hands, Craig was drawn to the challenges of direct involvement in the entire creation process, and opted to design and build fine wood furniture following an extensive apprenticeship with many notable northwest furniture makers. While running his own business, Compton Studios, Craig also developed a handful of very successful high-end residential properties.  His 20-year exploration has made him an expert in understanding the nature of process and materials and the execution of details, as well as the intricacies of running a business.  Because he is process and material oriented, not to mention a great communicator, Craig manages design and construction with an experienced, creative and empathetic ear toward those who are actually building. 

Ka-Chung Kwok

​KC developed his career working on a wide variety of project types and scales. His experience includes interior design, high-rise, mixed-use commercial, hospitality, transportation facilities and urban master planning. KC challenges himself to create innovative and meaningful solutions for every type of project. Exploring unique factors within every project contributes to his client’s success and is critical to his design process. KC’s unique strength is in gathering, organizing and distilling pertinent project information with a logic and communication ability unrivaled, graphic or otherwise. He can break down the essence of a project like no other and always demonstrates key opportunities and solutions with real data.  Besides this strategic approach, KC is able to balance the hard information with an intuitive and
light hearted design instinct. The result is always straight forward, logical and authentic.

​Stephen Trigueiro

Stephen is a recent graduate from the University of Washington School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Always an over achiever, he has degrees in both Landscape Architecture and a Master of Architecture.  He has worked in the field since high school with a background that includes multifamily residential, mixed-use commercial, civic, and design-build landscape projects. Stephen thrives when presented with complex problems of any scale and enjoys the challenge of responding to them with thoughtful and comprehensive design solutions. His skills learned during his twelve years in an architectural office are complimented by a passion for understanding materials and techniques, all of which have been finely honed working four years as staff in the University of Washington School of Architecture’s Fabrication Lab.  Stephen’s unique background enables him to think simultaneously at multiple scales allowing him to tackle large urban and systems-based problems, while constantly reflecting on the pragmatics and articulation of material and detail.

Leadership Team